Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just in Case We Ever Need an Official Kidlitosphere Drinking Game

A lot of you probably know this one, but if not, head over and subscribe your lil' ol' self to KidderLit. It's a blog that posts only the first line of a children's or YA book.

Take a drink for every first line you don't recognize. Take two if you've read the book and you still don't recognize the line. Take three if it's one of your favoritest ever and you still don't recognize.

Something tells me I'd be the first one under the table.

Seriously, it's amazing to see what a good first line can do for your interest in the book. We talk about covers, but first lines are twice as important, for my money. I have about seventeen of them saved in my Bloglines account because the first line was so intriguing that it made me want to read the book.


Jen Robinson said...

I am addicted to this. I rarely get it, yet I always click through to check. I never thought about it as a drinking game, though...

Have you ever played Book Lovers Trivial Pursuit? It's impossible. I can't ever get anyone to play it with me, and it's humbling for me, too.

Barbara Shoup said...

Oh, no! Something else to get addicted to. My favorite first line was from one of my high school students, whose story began, "I'm six years old and I smoke cigarettes." Who wouldn't keep reading after that!? (It was a pretty darn good story, too.)