Thursday, June 05, 2008

48-hour Challenge!

So MotherReader's Third Annual 48-hour Book Challenge is just around the corner. I'll be reading and blogging from 7:00 Saturday morning to 7:00 Monday morning. I have to work Saturday, so that day will be light, but watch out Sunday!

I'm also going to do something special for myself. I have a stack of ARCs (most of them from BookExpo) sitting on my floor, tripping me every time I try to go to the downstairs bathroom. This is inconvenient in any number of ways, not least being that I haven't gotten to read them yet.

So I proclaim this weekend ARC-a-palooza. Some of them aren't actually ARCs, some are probably out already, but hey, it's so snappy.

See you this weekend!


Kristi said...

Good luck on your ARC-a-palooza, bibliovore! I'm in the 48-hour read-a-thon, too. I've finished 2 books already and I'm hoping for 4! Just taking a teensy break to visit others ;>). My 48-hours ends at 3pm EST tomorrow, so I'll come back and visit after that to see how you're doing!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Awesome - they never have YA ARCs at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Sounds like you got a ton of good ones. I enjoyed reading your reviews.