Monday, June 09, 2008

Book Review: All We Know of Love by Nora Raleigh Baskin

48 Hour Challenge Book 11
Started: Sunday, 11:04 pm
Finished: Monday, 12:16 am

Book: All We Know of Love
Author: Nora Raleigh Baskin
Published: August 26, 2008

Four years, four months, and fifteen days ago, Natalie’s mother stopped speaking midsentence and walked out the door. Today, Natty is on a journey to find her, hoping she can answer all the questions she left behind.

Along the way, she’ll meet several other people--her seatmate, a girl in a bus station, a waitress at a roadside diner--and we’ll get to hear a snippet of their stories that shows Natalie’s not the only one searching for answers.

On picking up this book, I didn’t mean to finish it all in one go. I trust Baskin to give good book, but I was tired, I’d decided this would be my last book of the Book Challenge, I wasn’t even sure if I would finish it or go back some other time. But even as I practically had to break out the toothpicks to keep my eyes open, Natalie’s story caught me. From the ins and outs of her mother’s departure to the soul-sucking relationship (seriously, you’ll want to smack Adam several times) that Natalie must understand in order to escape, Baskin weaves a compelling narrative about the need for understanding and love. The snippet stories of love lost, found, unrequited, returned, twisted, and redeemed will reassure readers that the search for love in all its forms is a universal one.

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