Sunday, June 08, 2008

Book Review: Pandora Gets Jealous by Carolyn Hennesy

48 Hour Challenge Book 8
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Book: Pandora Gets Jealous
Author: Carolyn Hennesy
Published: 2007

Pandora's got to bring something really cool to school tomorrow. Not the same old stuff she's always shown before, like her father Prometheus's liver in a jar. It's got to be way special. So she goes hunting around her house and finds a box.

Yeah. That box.

Before you can say, "What were you thinking?" the box is open, the evils of the world are loose, and Pandora's in big trouble . . . not only with her dad, but also with Zeus, Lord of Olympus. She's got six months to capture everything that got loose, or else . . . well, we won't even think about the or else.

This book (the first in what is clearly a seven-book series) is awfully fun for those familiar with Greek myths (both well-known and obscure). Real sticklers will note that Hennesy adjusts the myths for her own benefit, but overall they're good changes. Even kids who don't get the sly jokes (like Pandora's crush Tiresias being turned into a girl) will enjoy this action-packed story of a plucky girl faced with a seemingly impossible task.

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