Friday, August 21, 2009

Comic Strip and Library Glee

  • The New York Times recently ran an article on some recent book challenges at the Brooklyn Public Library, and their classy-but-firm responses. Don't miss the actual challenges and responses, linked in the sidebar. Thanks to John Green, whose Looking for Alaska was among those challenged.
  • This comic strip cracked me up, further proof that I have a heart of stone. Thanks to Janni Lee Simner for the link.
  • The main character of the comic strip Luann has been volunteering at her local library for some time now. This week, she talks to a visiting Aussie about why American libraries are awesome. Which they totally are. This was my favorite:Luann


O_Owut you lookin at?-_-thats wut i thought said...

Omygosh!! I love reading comix.

Future Franny said...

This comic strip is very meaningful. I think it made perfect sense but at the same time there is no way that we can change the future. Future: Libraries closing, students not getting good education anymore because of electronics mostly. The future may hold many new things good and bad but there will never be a way that we can tell whats coming before us ( telling the future) because it is always changing right before our eyes. Everyones eyes. Thank you for that great post.


Future Franny