Thursday, February 11, 2010

Final Hunger Games Title!

And it's . . . Mockingjay. Aaaand the cover is off to your right. It releases August 24th, and trust me, there are not going to be any ARCs for this.

Now comes the rabid speculation. How will Kat and Peeta (feh, I know not this Gale you speak of) and the other revolutionaries bring down the corrupt Capitol government? Who will bite it? Because I wouldn't put it past Suzanne Collins to kill off somebody beloved and important. I have my money on Kat, but that's because I'm a terrible, heartless excuse for a human being.

In other news, has anyone seen my dignity? I think it fled after I let out a fangirl squeal fit to shatter glass when I saw the news on Tasha "Kid's Lit" Saecker's Twitter feed.

Eh, not like I was using it anyway.


Tasha said...

And people say that Twitter is a waste of time! ;) Glad to hear you squealed as much as I did when I first heard.

Melissa said...

*jumping up and down* M was bummed, though, that they're not sending out ARCs (like I would have gotten one anyway). Six months will fly by in a flash. (I hope.)