Sunday, June 10, 2012

48HBC Book Eight: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Time: 3:12:16
Source: Local Library

This one actually took longer than I thought it would. Not sure if I'm getting tired or there was just a lot more to it than I was expecting. Probably both.

Capsule Review: "If you're a plot person, don't read this. If you're into strict realism, don't read this. But if you love wicked satire with just enough silliness to keep you laughing, feminism with some teeth, stories about love and friendship and identity and courage . . .Well, this is the book for you."


Trisha said...

I think this one takes a long time because, well, for one thing, the book itself is long. But I also think it requires more energy and effort to read than the Gemma Doyle books--something to do with committing myself to the satire (and commercial breaks), instead of just going along for the ride. Though maybe that's just me.

Have you tried the audio version?

Bibliovore said...

I haven't tried the audio version, but I've heard it's a great deal of fun. I actually thought it would be a quicker read for me because of the satire, which I can generally go along with quite easily. Still it was worth the ride.