Sunday, June 10, 2012

48HBC Book Five: Leverage by Joshua Cohen

Time: 2:37:03
Source: Local Library

Oof. Last full book for the night. I may read a few pages of another one before I fall asleep, but definitely not a whole book. I think my review's probably a little incoherent too. Good thing you're only seeing the . . .

Capsule review: "At one point, I had to set the book down and go do other things for awhile. Not during the rape, as you might think, but shortly afterward . . . You get a glimpse into how these narcissistic young men have come to believe that they can do whatever they want without consequences, because the adults in their life have taught them that athletic prowess equals moral superiority, which equals untouchability."


Abby said...

This one was definitely intense. (And also: I doubt any of my reviews make any sense at this point either... I wrote REVISE ME! in all caps on all of them so I won't just post them later...)

Carol H Rasco said...

At this point we are all a bit punchy and I would not trust a simple 140 character tweet without re-reading it more than once! I thank you for your pledge to RIF on book count and comments. We deeply appreciate this show of support for the organization! Book People Unite!

Trisha said...

That cover freaks me out.

Anyway, looking forward to your full review, which I'm sure will be coherent.