Saturday, June 09, 2012

48HBC: Kickoff!

Yay! I'm starting my 48-Hour Book Challenge right now, 6:30 Saturday morning, and going through 6:30 Monday morning. I have to work three hours today, but the rest of the weekend will be devoted to the bookshelf you see in the picture below. I've spent the last three weeks pulling together books that make me go "Eeek!" with excitement. There are 20 from my library, 5 that were either purchased or swapped, and 7 electronic ARCs from  (The little stickers you see are my way of keeping track of electronic books in my TBR shelf. I'm analog like that. Some might argue you could leave off the -og in that word. Some might be right.)

Unlike prior years, I'll only be posting time updates and capsule reviews. I'll write real reviews and save them to post later on in the summer, when my blog usually stagnates because my brain is so full of Summer Reading Program that it leaks out my ears. If you want to read my reviews, click on the 48-Hour-Book-Challenge tag at the bottom of the review, or even that link there. (See what I did? I'm smart! S-M-R-T!)

I'll also be tweeting madly from my @mosylu Twitter handle and dropping in on other blogs also doing the 48-HBC, which is possibly the most fun part of this weekend. No, the most fun is getting the excuse to drop everything and read for 48 hours without guilt. But the community building is a pretty close second.

For every book I finish, I'll donate ten dollars to Reading is Fundamental, which is the offiicial charity of this year's 48-HBC. For every comment left on any one of my posts, including this one, I'll be donating a dollar.

My first book will be What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. My audiobook for the weekend, which will be my reading while I'm driving, cooking, or taking a knitting break, will be Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, which I haven't read since before it came out. It'll be interesting to hear the source material since the movie and all the hype and hoopla.

Are you joining us in this crazy weekend? Or just cheering us on?


Melissa said...

I found going back to Hunger Games after seeing the movie/hype to be interesting as well. Surprisingly, the book held up for me. I'll be interested to see whether it does for you.

And have a grand time reading!

Melissa Wiley said...

Happy reading! I'm curling up with my NetGalley list too. :)

Jen Robinson said...

Saving the reviews is smart. I thought about it (especially as I haven't been blogging so much lately), but eventually decided that part of the fun for me is in posting the reviews. Enjoy!

Bibliovore said...

Melissa, I listened to it in the car on the way to/from work and wow. I'd forgotten how hard Katniss can be.

M W - Isn't NetGalley great?

Jen, I thought of this last year when my blog started gathering spiderwebs after the 48HBC. I'm hoping my capsule reviews will keep it fun, especially since I will be writing the full reviews, just not posting them yet.

Charlotte said...

ummm (the sort of agreeing ummm)--I'd like to re-read the Hunger Games again too!

I hope your reading goes well!

Anonymous said...

10 dollars a book! Wow! Props to you! Happy reading!

Beth said...

The Hunger Games movie made me more interested in reading books 2 and 3, which I hadn't bothered with yet.

Happy reading!

Trisha said...

Wow, looks like RIF will be getting a nice donation! Read, read, read!

Liviania said...

I wasn't sure whether to save or post my reviews. I decided to go for a deluge.

Sarah said...

I'm saving the reviews for the summer, too. Just posting little capsules during the challenge.

Good luck!