Friday, June 07, 2013

48-HBC Book 1: Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

Time: 2:11:50
Source: Local Library

As always, I worried that I wouldn't be able to focus on my books during the 48-HBC. Something about the onset of Summer Reading just blows my concentration to pieces. And once again, when I make the effort to focus, I can power through my books and find that I enjoy them and think about them deeply enough to write a reasonable review. Probably it helps that my phone was across the room.

So how was this pick, as my first?

Capsule review: "While I enjoyed this book and read it straight through, there were so many characters and so many plotlines that I had a hard time keeping hold of them all. I also had a really hard time figuring out where the story was going and who was supposed to be the antagonist until about halfway through."

Ah well. I think I did pretty well, even if I did crash a little bit after a long day at work and another one tomorrow. I plan to listen to some of my audiobook and start a fairly lightweight and zippy book for my next one.


Charlotte said...

Um, yes--this maybe isn't the best one for quick, clear reading, though I enjoyed it lots myself!

Abby said...

Re: phone - I know, right? I'm turning off all my games this weekend. No Candy Crush for me! :P

Tallulah A. Scribbles said...

Hhmm. Would you recommend reading this on a less time sensitive day?

Bibliovore said...

Good question, Tallulah. I probably would have gotten more out of it if I weren't so tired while reading. On the other hand, there were definitely things that came out of nowhere, and I felt as if I were supposed to care about them more than I actually did.