Friday, June 07, 2013

48-HBC: Starting Line!

Huzzah, it is time again for the 48-Hour Book Challenge! The pizza is in the fridge, the phone is set to vibrate, and the friends are notified that I am AWOL. My official starting time is 7 pm MST, Friday night, which means I have until 7 pm MST, Sunday night to read and blog and tweet as much as I can.

That not-very-good photo you see there is my TBR shelf. As you can tell, it's gotten pretty stuffed of late. The books that have little Post-It flags are there standing in for books I have in electronic format to read on my Nook, because I'm like that. I've been making a point lately of requesting those books from the library that I'm really looking forward to, so I have some energy for this marathon. I also have a few ARCs from NetGalley and other sources.

Last year's capsule reviews worked out so well for me that I plan to do the same thing this year. I'll write a full-length review on each book, because I love how this reminds my blogging muscles how to work. However, I'll save and schedule those posts for later in the summer. During the 48-HBC itself, I'll just post a few lines from the review, plus an update on how I'm doing.

This year, I intend to donate $10 per book finished to my local literacy charity, Make Way for Books. Each comment posted to my blog will add another dollar onto that amount, so don't be shy! You can also cheer me on via Twitter @mosylu. Everything will be hashtagged #48HBC, so check out how other readers are doing.

I have to work tomorrow but I will be reading as hard as I can tonight, and tomorrow when I can. And of course, all day Sunday. I will also be taking full advantage of the audiobook option during my driving and those times when my eyes really need a rest. My first book will be Enchanted by Alethea Kontis and my audiobook will be Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, which I terribly want to re-read since finishing the sequel.

If you want to join in the fun, or just find other blogs that are doing the same thing, hop on over to Ms. Yingling Reads.

Here I go!


Charlotte said...

Nice books! And good for you viz the donation thing. I have Long Lankin waiting for me too...though not on my Immediate Reads shelf. The poor book has sat there so long unread it can wait a bit more.

Ms. Yingling said...

I think you are the most organized participant so far! It sounds like you have a great plan and lots of books-- and a great attitude! I, too, am using this time to power through a few things I don't want to read all that much, although I have enjoyed many of them more than I thought. Hooray! Hope you get a little sleep tonight!

Ms. O said...

I'm cheering on 48 Hour Challengers since I was a scaredy cat and didn't do it. GO READER GO!

Abby said...

I love doing the capsule reviews, too! Especially since it seems like anymore I'm reviewing much less often than I used to. I love that this weekend will give me several weeks' worth of blog material. Good luck with the challenge!

Tammy said...

The capsule review is an awesome idea! I'm going to do that also to better concentrate on the reading part of the challenge. I also love the donation idea...I'll have to brainstorm my cause. Thanks for the great ideas!
Good luck with your stack!

Trisha said...

I'm also working on Saturday for the first time during the 48HBC. I think you and Abby have had to work during the challenge before--any advice?

Bibliovore said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

Mrs. O, you can still join in! You don't have to be as hardcore as some of the participants. For instance, I like that sleep thing. :)

Trisha - make use of your audiobook allowance! I get about 40 extra minutes of reading due to my commute. Other than that, your lunch hour is a good time to buckle down and get in some reading. I've never been in the 48-hour club anyway, sometimes I'm barely in the 20-hour club. But that's okay, the point is having fun.

Melissa said...

Huzzah! I love your TBR pile, and am looking forward to your reviews later this summer... :-)