Saturday, June 01, 2013

Reading Roundup: May 2013

By the Numbers
Teen: 15
Tween: 4
Children: 3

Review Copies: 10
Library: 11

Teen: Dare You To by Katie McGarry
Skater-girl Beth and jock-boy Ryan have nothing in common, so why is they're the only ones who can get through to each other? This novel of two flawed and struggling teens falling in love just made me happy.
Tween: Below by Meg McKinley
Born the day her town drowned under a man-made lake, twelve-year-old Cassie finds herself drawn to that lake and the secrets it holds. With thoughtful and perceptive kid characters and absolutely no hint of romance at any time, this book was just beautifully put together.
Children: Toys Come Home by Emily Jenkins
I just love these short, sweet, quick reads. For being soft toys, the characters are fully fleshed out. This one takes you back to the origins of their sojourn in the Girl's room, including a surprisingly dark episode involving a walrus.

Because I Want To Awards
Red Pen, Please: Maid of Honor by Jennifer McGowan
This novel about covert girl bodyguards/dogsbodies to Queen Elizabeth I felt overstuffed. It seemed like there were about five or six plotlines and maybe twice that many major characters in this book, and not all of them were fleshed out to my satisfaction. I enjoyed it, when I knew what was going on, but I hope that the rest of the series is more focused.
Who Knew?: Wheels of Change by Sue Macy
I never thought about how technology, specifically bicycles, affected the women's movement, but this book opened my eyes. Also pretty fascinating to see the negative reaction to the increasing freedom that bikes afforded.

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