Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Tripods Are Coming

. . . to the silver screen, anyway. Did that freak you out? I'll admit it, a little shiver went down my spine.

I vividly remember reading that series around the age of twelve or thirteen. For some reason, the thing that sticks in my head was that not only were people mind-controlled (by means of a mesh cap applied by the Tripods in the early teen years), but even the uncapped kids were brainwashed into believing that the cap was a rite of passage, a sign of adulthood. Talk about efficient control of the masses. Yikes.

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Jen Robinson said...

I'm excited about this movie. I loved those books. What I loved most was the hints of a prior civilization, like when they find an old city, and discover things like glasses and watches. That was probably my earliest exposure to that sort of post-apocalypse society with hints of the past.