Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beach Reads? Okay Then

The Seattle Examiner posted this crackerjack list of great YA novels, ranging from ones that have been touted in every corner of the land (The Hunger Games) to ones that fly slightly further under the radar (My Most Excellent Year). Have a gander. If you haven't read them all, add the new-to-you ones to your list.

The only thing that made me blink was the term "beach reads," which to me implies light, fun reading that doesn't engage the brain too strenuously--which is not the way to describe #1 on the list, If I Stay. Seriously? Beach reads? Are we thinking of the same beaches?


Lenore Appelhans said...

I would definitely NOT want to read IF I STAY on a beach.

Jen Robinson said...

Agreed about the non-beach nature of some of the reads. But it is a nice list. I love My Most Excellent Year, and am glad to see it getting some play.