Friday, June 05, 2009

Book Review: Savvy by Ingrid Law

Book: Savvy
Author: Ingrid Law
Published: 2008

Time: 1:14:12
Number of Pages: 342

Puberty is a crazy time for most kids, but for the kids in the Beaumont family, it's downright hair-raising. Thirteen is the birthday when they receive their savvy, a special skill that's liable to cause havoc before they get it under control. For instance, Rocket Beaumont has a savvy for electricity, and has been known to blow out streetlights all the way down the highway. Fish Beaumont created a hurricane on his thirteenth birthday. Now Mibs Beaumont is turning thirteen, and she can't wait to see what her savvy is.

Then their dad gets in a terrible car accident. Left behind while Rocket and Momma rush to the hospital, all Mibs can think about is her savvy. Forget X-ray vision or super speed. She only wants the power to bring Poppa back.

Before she knows it, Mibs is off on a topsy-turvy quest across Nebraska in a pink bus with the preacher's two kids (each bothersome in their own special ways), two of her brothers, a Bible salesman, an ex-waitress, and a savvy that may not be what she thinks it is at all.

Why Did I Hype?: You're kidding, right?

Live-Up-to-the-Hype Score: 9/10

It's a hard thing to strike the right note with folksy, down-home style narration. Too much and it becomes a bad bluegrass song. Tossing a few of her own made-up words into the mix, Law manages to make Mibs sound real while at the same time creating a narrative that would be lots and lots of fun to read aloud.

I got a little annoyed at how long it took Mibs to figure out her true savvy, but forgave it because it's not stupidity, just denial. Then I squeaked with delight when Law discovered a way to use that savvy to save the day.

Ingrid Law captures the confusing, exhilarating experience of puberty with this adventure that encompasses themes of family, individuality, and identity.


Dreadful Penny said...

Savvy is my TBR pile, potentially a book that I might get to in, oh let's say, the next 48 hours. Glad to hear it's high on the hype-o-meter.

The Floating Lush said...

It sounds very interesting, and I'll have to add it to my ever-growing list. Thanks!

Patti L said...

Somehow I removed this from my TBR pile/list--it's going back on, now.

The Floating Lush said...

I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for hyping it up!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the companiona book, Scumble? It comes out in August. I've gotten my hands on an advanced reading copy, and it's fantastic. Those of you who loved Savvy, you will love this as well. I suggest you grab it as soon as you have the opportunity.