Friday, June 05, 2009

Book Review: Fade by Lisa McMann

Book: Fade
Author: Lisa McMann
Published: 2009

Time: 1:13:47
Number of Pages: 248

At long last, Janie is learning to control her ability to slip into others' dreams. She's even using them to do good, working with the police department and her boyfriend Cabe to discover what illegal secrets fuel her classmates' dreams and nightmares.

Then they get assigned to a pedophile case, and Janie adds "bait" to her resume. To Cabe's frustration, she puts herself in the way of a teacher who may have a more than professional interest in his students.

As the case puts a strain on their relationship, Janie also starts to realize that her newly valuable power might come with a terrible price--a higher one than she's paid so far.

Why Did I Hype?: I loved the first book, Wake--in fact, I blogged it. When I found this copy at Bookman's, I let out a squeal that got me an "o . . . kaaaaay . . ." look from the girl in the next aisle. I loved Janie, I was crazy about Cabe, and I couldn't wait to see where McMann was going to take them.

Live-Up-to-the-Hype Score: 10/10

The second installment of Janie's story was entirely satisfying. Her deepening (and later, threatened) relationship with Cabe built nicly on the foundations of the first book, and after watching her begin to take her abilities in hand in Wake, it was great to see her not only controlling them but exploring them as well. The ending is somewhat darker, but you get the feeling that Janie's strong enough to accept and deal with the consequences of her gift.

A note about the scenes with the pedophile: I got so squicked out, I wanted to wash my eyeballs. Good going, Lisa McMann.

The third book, Gone, comes our way next February.

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K said...

I agree! This is a great series and I'm also really looking forward to the third book.