Thursday, June 04, 2009

Coming Attractions from Harlequin Teen

So remember how awhile back, I had a post about the new Harlequin Teen line, and there were actual, like, comments from Trisha of the YAYAYAs, and I replied, and it was just like a real blog?

Well, pretend you do.

Anyway, Trisha has posted this link to a meet-the-editor and a rundown of what's coming up from the Harlequin Teen line. It seems to be pretty heavy on the girl-oriented supernatural, or at least the article leads off that way. Some authors are new to me, some I know from their adult novels. They all look like books that I'd pick up and take a second look at in B&N, but also books that I would go, "Harlequin? Really?" and examine the spine closely just in case it peels off. I guess we'll see how they sell.

Points to Harlequin for jacket design though--the two covers they show don't have any kind of "line design" feel about them. I kind of wondered if they would have a specific Harlequin Teen cover style. Harlequin/Silhouette are the queens of distinctive cover styles on their series romances, and that works really, really well for those, but it wouldn't have for the eclectic, teen-oriented brand they seem to be aiming for with HT. So I'm glad they gave that a miss. Good show, art department.

All else aside, that Soul Screamers series looks friggin' awesome.

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