Saturday, June 08, 2013

48-HBC Book 4: Legend by Marie Lu

Time: 1:58:14
Source: Local Library

I seem to crash in the early evening, especially if I've worked that day. I'm letting it happen. I would rather read fewer books with all my attention and energy than read more with only a few working brain cells. Besides, I seem to get a second wind late at night and I'm good for at least one more book. Anyhoo, Legend!

Capsule review: "What I would like to know is why I haven't seen this on the big screen yet. It seems to have all the elements: a star-crossed romance, a cruel dystopian future, lots of pulse-pounding action. It was even, famously, optioned months before publication. So? Guys? What are we waiting for?"

Next up? Networking, a little of the audiobook (Ismae has just met Duval! I forgot how charged that first interaction was), and then I'll see what my TBR shelf holds.


Trisha said...

Actually, I think it has been optioned for film.

Oh, and I don't know if you borrowed Grave Mercy from the library or not, but it'll be one of the SYNC giveaways later this summer. Along with Enchanted, just FYI...

Bibliovore said...

I did see that, but I didn't see any further updates except some vague stuff about trying to find a director and casting speculation. A lot of optioned books never make it to the silver screen, unfortunately.

Thanks for the tip about the SYNC giveaway!